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Monday, October 18, 2010

Welcome to my Blog

For anyone reading this blog, welcome, I hope that the information that I can provide you will be beneficial and any questions you may have about saving energy can be answered.  I have worked with and seen all types of construction in my lifetime, while I have never strapped myself to a giant redwood in protest, I do believe that each of us does have a duty to be better stewards of the earth's resources.  While throwing more into our recycling can than the trash is a good first step, it really comes down to lowering the energy consumed by the buildings, which we all spend the majority of our lives inside escaping the elements or just working and providing for our families.  So with each post I hope to address real life situations and real answers, and if you ever see the letters BP it will be shorthand for building performance, not an oil company, which we all just can turn on the news if we want to hear someones opinion about oil.

Mark Evans
BPI certified Building Analyst and Envelope Professional

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